There are 3 ways to add values to your graphs.

The most appropriate way depends on how you run your business.

First step, using the chart below, determine which category applies to your business—Good, Better or Best?

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Levels of "Best" Practice

  1. Good - use Data Entry or Individual Graph Update

  2. Better - use Data Entry or Individual Graph Update

  3. Best - use Dashboard Quick Entry  or Individual Graph Update

Data Entry Methods

The “Best’ method aligns with our Best Practice recommendations of every team member entering their own data and monitoring their graphs.

  1. Method 1 - Dashboard Quick Entry

  2. Method 2 - Data Entry

  3. Method 3 - Individual Graph Update

Keep in mind that envisage provides you with unlimited users. The only thing holding you back from the Best Practice Method is training your team to use and see the benefits of measuring their performance.

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