These steps are required for new members to activate their login and provide access to graphs: 

  1. Add a New Member

  2. Assigning Permission (graph access)

  3. New member receives email and activates their access by logging in.


This help doc shows you how to add members individually. It is now possible to import members in bulk, see Import Members

Step 1 - Add a New Member

  1. Choose Settings - link 

  2. Choose Account

  3. Choose your Organization

  4. Click on Manage Members

  5. To add a new member, click New Member

  6. To edit an existing member, click the pencil icon

Then you will see the following screen. 

  1. Enter Email Address

  2. Enter Full Name

  3. Enter Formal First Name 

  4. Enter Formal Last Name 

  5. Enter Phone Number (optional) 

  6. Enter Mobile Number (optional)

  7. Enter Employee ID 

  8. Enter Type of Employee 

  9. Enter Cost Center 

  10. Choose Time Zone

  11. Upload Avatar (picture) (optional)

  12. Choose Status, e.g. permanent, contractor, intern, trial, etc. 

  13. Choose to Invite Member now or send email later

  14. Click Invite Member

  15. Once you've invited a Member you need to provide access to Graphs. This is done in two ways 1) Adding them to the appropriate team or 2) Assigning them a Responsible User

Step 2 - Assign Graphs and Permissions

Next, assign graphs, graph groups and permissions to this new team member. If you want the member to access all graphs, add Owners permissions

Step 3 - New Member Activates Login

The new member will receive an email. They need to click on the link provided, choose a password and log in.

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