See also Printing a Single Graph.

Printing Multiple Graphs

  1. Click on the Graphs View

  2. Choose Organization

  3. Click on All Graphs (or you can search and individually select the graphs or Group) and open your graphs. 

  1. Choose Start Date

  2. Choose End Data

  3. Click Print

  1. Choose Portrait or Landscape

  2. Choose between 1 or 4 graphs per page

  3. Choose order

  4. Choose Page Size - Letter or A4

  5. Choose to Show or Hide Values

  6. Choose values to appear on the graph (next to the line) or along the bottom.

Below are the printing options for our recommend browsers:

  1. Chrome

  2. Firefox.

Printing using Chrome Browser

  1. Click Print icon to open Printing Window in Chrome

  2. Click on More settings

Note: The option next to Tab A above allows you to open directly into Preview and save as PDF (Mac Only).  

3. Check the Paper size is correct
4. Choose your printer - you can also choose to Save to PDF (see Adobe Print to PDF Instructions)
5. Click Print

Printing using Firefox Browser

  1. Click Print icon to open Printing Window in Firefox

  2. Click Show Details

3. Check the paper size is correct
4. Click Print

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