If you want to compare multiple graph values, use the comparison graph feature.

Creating Comparison Graphs

  1. Choose Graphs View

  2. Click on New Graph

  1. Set the Organization.

  2. Enter graph Name.

  3. Enter Graph Description.

  4. Enter Graph Type, by choosing "Comparison".

  5. Choose Graph Frequency.

  6. Check Hide Graph, or leave blank. (Hidden graphs are used for data entry only and to add data to other graphs).

  7. Select Graph Group this graph belongs to.

  8. Set any Entry settings.

  9. Set any Values settings.

  10. Set any Custom Attributes.

  1. In the Comparison graph settings, search for the graph you want to add.

  2. Click on the graph to select it (highlighted in blue) and add graph. Repeat this for the other graphs you want to compare.

  3. Click on the pencil to open the details of the graph.

4. Here you can rename the graph which will show on the graph legend. If you don't

want to change it, leave it blank.

5. Change the colour of the line on the graph.

6. Set any offsets. In this example we are going to offset the same graph by 1 year to

show how well the company is doing compared to the year before. If you do not

want to offset, leave it at 0.

7. Set any permissions for this graph

8. Click Save once done.

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