Need to update a value on your graph?

Want to see any notes? 

We've made it super-duper easy for you.

Choose Edit Values from the graph menu as shown below.

Now you'll see a pencil icon next to the values. 

Click the pencil to edit the value.

Then this will happen ...

  • The value field is automatically selected for quick changes
  • Hitting return submits the value
  • Hitting tab will submit the value and edit the next row
  • Hitting shift+tab will submit the value and edit the previous row
  • Clearing the value removes the value
  • Clicking the note icon next to the field opens a window allowing one to edit the note and major event.

NOTE: Only those with Edit access will see the the pencil icon.

You can also see notes (and add/edit them) by clicking on the value dot on the graph itself, as shown here:

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