Personal Graph Groups allows you to sort the order of your Dashboard stats.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Choose Personal Graph Groups

  3. Find the Dashboard and click on Edit Graph Group

To reorder the graphs, use the "Hamburger" — those 3 horizontal lines and simply drag (as shown above).

You can order graphs alphabetically from A to Z or reverse-alphabet Z to A.

With Personal Graph Groups you can also:

  1. Set the size of the graph (such as small, medium, large or wide) 

  2. Change the frequency (such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc)

We're sure glad we got that feature sorted 😆 and hope you are too!

You can also create other Personal Graph Groups. For example, you might keep personal statistics that only you can see. To do this create a new Personal Graph Group, let's call it "Private Group" and add all of your private stats. Now you'll be able to easily find these via the Quick Search Bar by searching for "Private".

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