There are 2 methods of archiving or deleting a graph.

  1. Method 1 - via Edit Graph

  2. Method 2 - via Manage Graphs Settings

Method 1 - Edit Graph

  1. Hover over 3-dot menu

  2. Choose Edit Graph

  3. Choose Archive or Delete.

Method 2 - Manage Graphs Settings

  1. Go to Settings 

  2. Choose Manage Graphs

  3. Status shows which graphs are Active or Archived

  4. Actions allow you to Edit/Archive/Delete 

  5. To restore an Archived graph, choose Activate.

You can also search for archived graphs and restore them:

Note: Archived graphs are stored for free and do NOT count against your monthly subscription.

Calculated Graphs & Archived Graphs

The values in an Archived graph are still included in a calculated graph. 

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