Envisage has a range of awesome features to manage your business expansion, including statistics, the org chart, objectives, events and more.

Permissions provide a method to give different access to different users for each of these features. 

Permission Access Defined for Graphs

There are 4 levels of graph access.

Note that these apply only to graphs and their values:

View Graph -  view only, cannot change anything.
Add Values - can view and add new values and manage quotas/targets for graphs
Edit Values - can view, add and edit/delete graph values and manage quotas/targets
Manage Graph - can do all of the above and edit the graph settings. This does NOT PROVIDE THE ABILITY TO ADD NEW GRAPHS OR NEW MEMBERS. If you want to provide a User with the ability to add new graphs and control and add new members, see Owners Permission Access & Account Holders.

Creating a New Permission 

The Owners Permission is automatically created for every account, with the account owner added.

In this example below, we have created an additional new permission, "accountants" with the ability to "view" graphs. 

To Create or Edit a Permission follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings - link

  2. Choose Manage Permissions

  3. Choose New Permission to create a new permission

  4. To edit an existing permission click on the pencil icon

New Permission Options

  1. Enter Name of the permission

  2. Include Specific members or click to toggle all members

  3. Choose members who are granted the permission

  4. Include specific graphs or click to toggle all graphs

  5. Choose graphs included in the permission

  6. Choose access level - none, view graph, add values, edit vales, manage

  7. Choose Org Chart permissions

 8.  Choose Objective permissions
 9.  Choose Event permissions (this is access to view other member's events)
 10.  Choose Owned event permissions (this is for the member's own events)
 11.   Choose Report permissions (this is for access to view other's reports)
 12.  Choose Owned report permissions (this is to view one's own reports)

13.  Choose Member permissions to manage members
14.  Choose Data Export permissions
15.  Click Create Permission

Teams with Specific Graphs

  1. Choose Specific Graphs

  2. Choose Graphs to add to your permission

  3. To remove graphs from the permission, click the X

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