To understand the different methods of adding values read:

There are two ways to use Data Entry:

  1. Single Data Entry

  2. Copy & Paste Multiple Values

Method 2: Single Data Entry

  1. Choose Data Entry from the menu

  2. Click on the Search Bar

  3. Choose the organization (this example uses an organization called Champion Printing Services

  4. Select the graphs you want to add values to (e.g. All Graphs in Champion Printing Services or your Dashboard)

  5. Click Enter Data for Graphs (note selected graphs will be displayed in alphabetical order)

6. Enter the Date.
7. Enter graph values. Values will automatically save when entered.

Split Values

If a week crosses over into another month, envisage gives you the option to split the values.

For example, if you want to change the frequency of a graph from weekly to monthly, and the last week of that month rolled into the next month, you are given the option to enter values for the first half of that week (end of that month) and values for the last half of that week (beginning of the new month). See image:

You are given the option to fill in two values, like this:

If you don't want to split the value, click merge.

See more on split values here: Split Values

Method 2: Copy & Paste Multiple Values

NOTE: The sample data does NOT contain all graphs. To obtain the Graph ID for all graphs use Data Export 

STAGE 1 - Spreadsheet Setup

  1. Download all Active Graphs from Data Export 

  2. Create a spreadsheet with 4 columns as shown - Graph ID, Graph Name, Date Column, Note

  3. Add to the spreadsheet  the Graph IDs and Graph Names

  4. Add the Date in the date column using format is yyyy-mm-dd

  5. Add the graph values

Note: Once your spreadsheet is set up you can use the same spreadsheet again, just change the date and values. 

STAGE 2 - Import

  1. Choose Data Entry from the menu.

  2. Click copy/paste CSV data.

  3. Copy data from your spreadsheet, make sure to include headings.

  4. Paste values into box.

  5. Click Import data.

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